The benefits of Jamworks Key Points for disabled and neurodivergent students

Key Points are a feature of the revision app Jamworks, which is available to disabled and neurodivergent students through the DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance) programme. Here are some ways in which this feature benefits a variety of different conditions:


Dyslexic students  can benefit from the Key Points feature of the Jamworks app as it provides them with a structured breakdown of relevant information from their lecture in written notes form. Jamworks’ Key Points consist of a heading, followed by explanation and further bullet points linking to the headlined point. This format can be easier for dyslexic students to read and interpret information as opposed to lengthy paragraphs of text.



The Jamworks Key Points feature is a great revision tool for students with ADHD as it helps to provide them a sense of structure and focus to their notes. With the use of AI, key points are generated from the recorded session so that students with ADHD can maximise their productivity levels by engaging with notes that are relevant, informative and pre-constructed as a form of learning support.


Motor impairment

Motor impaired students  can use the Jamworks Key Points feature as a note taking method as it eliminates the need for them to type up any notes by hand. The benefit of Jamworks’ Key Points is that it helps motor impaired students  avoid falling behind on revision or being discouraged during their studies due to the extra time and mental energy it takes to complete the same tasks as non-disabled and neurotypical students. This method of support provides them with notes that they possibly may not have otherwise been able to access by themselves, thus improving their chances academically.



Study and revision can feel like an overwhelming experience for students dealing with depression, so the Jamworks Key Points feature is a tool which helps to simplify and break down lecture content into a more digestible range of information whilst still covering all necessary information.



An aspect of being a student dealing with anxiety that can be challenging is the stress that comes with intense levels of information to organise and construct into notes. Similar to the benefits to students dealing with depression, the Jamworks Key Points feature breaks down the necessary elements of a lecture that need to be understood and learned, presenting them to students in an organised and efficient manner, to reduce stress levels and ensure that no content is missed out on.



Autistic students can struggle with maintaining the consistent level of focus required during lectures to take detailed and concise notes. Additionally, autistic students can often struggle to interpret the deeper meanings and/or explanations of subjects and information. The Jamworks Key Points feature helps to eliminate these difficulties and barriers for autistic students as it provides efficient explanations of topics with structured bullet points of information to make revision easier.


Deaf/hard of hearing

The Jamworks Key Points feature helps deaf/hard of hearing students as AI topic detection creates a structured breakdown of all relevant information discussed during a lecture and transcribes it into an adaptable format to suit a student’s individual needs. This includes information which has been relayed through questions and additional discussion between students and lecturers that is not included in the slides.



Dyspraxic students can be discouraged from rewriting and structuring notes due to the difficulty associated with movement and coordination. The Jamworks Key Points feature provides the ability for dyspraxic students to access informative, detailed and concise notes which are automatically generated from their lecture content without depleting their mental and physical energy levels.

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