Things you should do in your second semester at university

After the Christmas break, semester two soon comes around… and much quicker than you think! The good thing is that the second semester is usually even better than the first. Everyone is getting into the swing of things and Christmas exams will soon all be over. If you had a bit of a rubbish first semester then the good thing is, you get a second try at everything this term. If you regret the way you spent your time last semester or think you missed out on opportunities, then now is your time to do those things you regret not doing.

Join a new sport

Universities have so much to offer that you may as well make the most of things while you have the chance. There will be so many different sports clubs at university, and whilst you may not want to be part of a competitive team, there’s always the opportunity to play non-competitively. The only downside is that if you did want to play competitively, the teams may already have been sorted but there’s always a chance for you to get on the waitlist. Alternatively, make this a priority next year (if you are going back to university).

Alternatively, some universities will have play for fun sessions where you are able to just sign up to the session and turn up with your friends and have a bit of fun. You could have a game of tennis, badminton, or join a team sports and play a game of basketball or netball, etc. If you are already part of the university gym these sessions may be free, if you are not you may possibly have to pay for these sessions it will depend on the university.

Join a society

Similarly, societies are one of the best ways to meet likeminded people and is often the thing that students regret not joining in first term. The good thing is most societies will let you join whenever you like through the year unlike most sports clubs.

Of course, you may ger those thoughts that everyone is already settled in their societies, and everyone has already made friends. While this may be the case, societies are always welcoming new people and would be more than happy to take on new students.

A good idea is to ask a friend to go with you as this can make things slightly easier if you are worried about people already having made friends in their societies. Despite this being the common idea, it is not always true. The society has only been with each other for first semester and not everyone will be able to make all of the social sessions due to other commitments, so it is always worth a try to join!

Some universities will offer a “Give it a go week” or something similar to help students join a society or sports that they missed out on in the first semester. So, if this is the case, these will be lots of new people joining the society for the first time.

Join the gym or take part in sports classes

At the start of second semester, it is possible that your university gym will offer a discount to help new students join if they wanted to do something new. Most gyms also put on classes. If you are not into the gym idea so much, then the gym classes are a great alternative. These classes usually include things like spin, Zumba, yoga, and they may offer some cardio or toning sessions.

So, if you wanted to get back into your fitness and spend your spare time in your second semester doing something a little more productive then this is a great shout! It could also help you reach some of your new years resolutions or targets!

Find new places in your city

Now you have got to grips with your course a bit more, why not take a look around the city you are in. A good idea is to talk to any students you know that are from the city you are living in and see if they have any recommendations. Try taking the bus to somewhere slightly out of town to see what is around. Having a university in the town centre of a city means you don’t often leave the town centre and therefore you don’t see much of what the city has to offer.

See if there is anywhere you can go for a nice walk or google a few places to see what is recommended.

Find new bars or activities

Similar to the point above, when you get comfortable, you tend to not look at the things around you. You’ll tend to go to the same bars and clubs with your friends because you know and like them. But a lot of cities have some amazing little secret bars and activities you can get involved with. Try asking people in the year above where their favourite place to go is. Sometimes it is worth trying to find places that are not aimed at students as these are the places you tend to miss out on.

Start searching for a summer internship

If you are in first or second year, now is the time to start researching for a part-time job or internship to keep you busy over summer. Not only could you possibly make a bit of money from an internship, but it will look amazing on your CV. Many employers love it when a student has got experience in the industry they want to work in.

Internships can be extremely competitive so make sure you are fully prepared when you start to apply for them.

Start looking for a grad job (depending on your year)

If you are in final year with no plans to carry on at university then it is a good time to start applying for some graduate jobs.

Final Thoughts

Second semester can be one of the best! Most people have just finished their exams and don’t have any till the end of the year, everyone is settled into their courses, and everyone is just having a good time. You’ll get to see all your friends again after the Christmas holidays which is another bonus!

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