Tips to tell a friend to help de-stress them before a deadline

Deadlines can create a lot of stress and when you are at university or college you can see how much this affects your friends and classmates. If you see someone struggling and you want to help them out then take a look at theses top tips to tell a friend to help de-stress before their deadline.

Take them for a walk

One of the best things you can do it to take them for a walk. Or tell them to take a minute and get out in the fresh air by themselves.

A walk gives someone the time to refresh and get a clear mind. It also means they can take a break from whatever work they were doing. Going by yourself for a walk can do you the world of good. Try recommending for them to drive a little and see if they can find a nice park to walk round where things are slightly more peaceful than walking down the roads. Peaceful walks arr an amazing way to de-stress.

Make plans for a gym class

Exercise is a great way to de-stress so if your friend is up for it, try taking them to a gym or sports class. If they like Zumba, there will be loads of classes on offer! Or if they would prefer to go and kick a football around with some other mates then make it happen!

These activities also help you socialise with other people and can distract you from what is making you feel the stress.

Help them create a simple to-do list

A simple to do-list can help when it comes to stress before a deadline. Sometimes people feel like they have so many tasks and just do not know where to start. Try sitting down with them and writing down a few important things they need to do. This could be things dedicated to the deadline such as extra research or finishing some calculations, etc. Or it can include other things such as washing your bedding or ironing your clothes.

Prioritise things on their to-do list

When you have created a to-do list the next thing that would be very helpful is to prioritise your jobs. Just number them in order of the things you want to get done first and then you have yourself a checklist! You can even make a note of the ideal time that you want to spend on each task so that your can stick to these timings roughly.

A good idea would be to schedule in breaks, whether it be a 30 minute walk round the block, or going out for food for an hour at lunch time.

De-stress with calmness apps

There are lots of brilliant apps and videos online that are designed to help people de-stress and re-focus. Some good apps include Calm. Calm creates audio content designed for you to listen to in your home. They help you work on your anxiety and stress and work on your sleep. So offer this as an example to your friend and see how they get on with it!

Alternatively, you can simply find a range of videos on YouTube that can help you learn to mediate. Or if your friend wants to be slightly more active, try and find some yoga videos and give that a go. There are many people that create these types of videos so I am sure you will be able to find the right videos that suit your friend.

two friends having a cup of coffee

Take them to do something fun

If you’re friend is busy trying to rush through their work to get it done by the deadline, then tell them to take a well-deserved break. Take them away from their desk for an hour of two and get them to do something fun! Take them bowling or out for food. Maybe invite a couple more friends. Being social and having fun is a great way to de-stress and to remember that your deadlines are not the only thing in the world. Yes, they are very important, but so is your wellbeing. Taking an hour or so out of a full on day of work is exactly the right thing to do.

Be supportive

Offer them support if they need it and they might come to you to chat. Sometimes all a person needs to relieve their stress is a good chat! It might be a good idea to text them every now and then just to check if they are feeling okay with their workload. Check if they need a break anytime soon and offer your time if they want to get away and see someone for a little bit.

Send a care package

Try sending a care package to make them feel happy! This can simply include some chocolates or their favourite foods. Care packages are a great way to lift the mood of someone who is a little stressed and it can help to take their mind off it.

Final thoughts

Working towards a deadline can be a very stressful time for a student. So if you see your housemates or course mates start to become a little stressed then reach out to them and see if you can help in any of these ways! Sometimes they may just need a friend to talk to or to calm them down so try to be a helping hand where you can!

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