Why joining a society can help reduce the stress of Uni life?

Societies aren’t popular at university for no reason. Joining a society can offer you a world of help to escape from all the academic commitments that university can bring. Many people deem societies to just be a way of meeting new and more like-minded people, but in actual facts societies can bring a lot more to your university life than you think. The following reasons will showcase to you the huge range of benefits societies can bring to your university journey, with the main reason being, helping to reduce stress.

You meet like-minded people

If you don’t quite get on with your flatmates or your course mates then you can join a society and meet likeminded people. Societies can massively relieve the stress of trying to find friends at university. there seems to be quite a big consensus that you will meet friends at university and you will meet them on your course and in your block. The truth is though that isn’t always the case. However, I guarantee you that there will be a society that suits you, here is a place you will definitely meet likeminded people. Sometimes it can weigh heavy on you if you aren’t finding friends and in turn can cause stress. Having the guarantee of meeting like-minded people can hugely reduce that stress for you.

You might even meet someone that has done your course

I don’t want to relate it too much to your university work, however there might be chance that you meet someone who is in the year above you on your course. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know them a bit better as it is always helpful having a friend on your course.. This means that you don’t need to weigh yourself down with stress when it comes to struggling on a certain aspect of your degree.

Events and socials

The events and socials get you up and out of the house. Not all the events and socials need to evolve around drinking, which means they can suit you. You don’t need to drink to be accepted in a society or enjoy the benefits of a society. The events and socials can give you a moment of release, if you are staying in your house and not getting out it can add to the stress that you are feeling because you won’t be able to get away from the thoughts. Especially if you are working from you room and then staying in your room after that. Therefore, joining a society that will allow you to escape and remove yourself from the stress of a working environment.

Nights out

If you like a good night out but your housemates aren’t up for it, then you can always rely on your society! Nights out can be a great stress relief to just let go and take a break from all your university work once in a while. There is a reason that clubs in the city will have a society night. Your best nights out will be with a society. Sometimes you have to let yourself go and there is no better way to relieve stress. In my opinion nights out can be a huge reliever of stress because it is something to look forward to when you are tied down with work. Use nights out as not only a stress reliever but also a motivator.

three female students in the middle of a yoga class after joining a society

Helps with a routine

If you join a society that offers weekly workshops or meet-ups then this can help get you into a regular routine – which can be very helpful at university! Routines are a great way to not let yourself fall into any bad habits. Having a routine can also help you manage your stress better. This is because you will have time to a set amount of time to complete your work, therefore you won’t procrastinate as much, ultimately leading you to not get stressed about not finishing your work.

Final Thoughts

The truth is stress won’t be completely removed from your university life, even with the best of efforts. However, the key is to find aspects of your university journey that can reduce stress. Joining a society can certainly contribute to that. As mentioned societies are not all about drinking, so don’t feel that you are restricted if you don’t drink. Also, many people may feel daunted by joining a society, don’t be. Everyone else is in the same position, they are waiting to meet you the same way you are waiting to meet them.

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