How to make the most of summer

Summer is finally here! All your exams and deadlines are over, and it is time to take a break. But 3 months off university and being study-free is quite a while. You’re more than likely going to get a little bored during the next 3 months so why not try and make the most of […]

10 Top tips for finding a placement during university

A placement year during university brings many benefits but the road to getting that placement can be a tricky one. Not only is there lots of competition, but the process can be very lengthy and time consuming. Never the less, a placement can be an amazing experience as you will be able to gain valuable […]

How to cope with online exams

Given the circumstances of the last few years, lots of universities have resulted to online exams. Of course, during lockdown it was impossible for all students to be at their university campus in order to complete exams, so they were converted to online exams and lots of universities have stuck with this. Some online exams […]

How to de-stress before exams 


  The exam period during university can become extremely stressful when you are trying to juggle all your deadlines and revise. Everybody has their own different situations which can sometimes make it harder. If your friends are less stressed and are happy to go out for drinks or socialise it can be difficult if you […]